August 19, 2005: Theodor Adorno abandons philosophy, becomes internet spammer, 2004
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Laa-Laa plays with her ball; the Teletubbies listen to children describe the color blue. Santa's Little Helper finds a new girlfriend, which results in too many puppies for the Simpsons to handle. Included: designs by Alexander McQueen and Emporio Armani. To show her support for animal rights, Fran (Fran Drescher) refuses to wear a mink coat she inherits from a deceased relative. But the fur flies when her mother finds out. The Teletubbies watch children doing gymnastics. Joey and Chandler find an enticing girl at the copy shop and Phoebe dates a diplomat who requires a translator. Scheduled topic: dealing with the loss of a child. "Daria," "Celebrity Deathmatch" and "Cartoon Sushi." Angelica accidentally handcuffs herself to Chuckie; and a blizzard dumps several feet of snow into the back yard, where the kids pretend it's the North Pole and go looking for Santa to repair Chuckie's fire engine. The spoken-performance piece, directed by Steven Soderbergh, begins when Gray learns he has a condition that requires eye surgery. Wanting "magic and miracles, not medicine," he searchis for alternatives such as nutritional ophthalmology; sitting in a "sweat lodge," and treatment from "the Elvis Presley of psychic surgeons" in the Philippines. George Knudson vs. Stan Leonard. The Teletubbies find a mirror and look at their reflections. The Three Fates offer Xena the opportunity to erase her past—including her younger brother's untimely death—but only if she vows to never shed blood in anger again. Beaver becomes the neighborhood knight in shining armor.

Ron Henry