July 9, 2005: Year Of Confusion Day
Four poems


Covers over wave foam, shell's blasted currency.
How an emergence recurs: fingers touching under water.
Here is a red trunk in which an historical event, a moldy
shut, a memory coming.


Three mica chips with color-coded wires stuck into the
leg. Marvel on a phone. Some old jazz under pink flat
gum. Grace sucking the margin. Admiral,
monarch, bat. Plate of radio.
Peoria unpinned.


Dream bunkhouse sex, three up, two under vast dusk
proportions inside ruby banks framed in crumbling gold.
Where is that transparent sound? Cordon from angle
to off edge. I had been speaking now. Sloping off the
page, dark wing whir. Kid in psychedelic tee
sits, ponders trucks.

Hummingbird Moth

So say, Try it, go on in it,
articulate the place where you
invest your
Between the cracks between the nouns
surprise window.
"Try to know what
you 'know'"
Memory bobbin
temporarily bearing up under
in pink       smashing against smash

Lorna Smedman