You're fired!
A ballad of Ron Henry and Chris Piuma




Oh, fire away if you'd like.

I've been through the hellfire of graduate creative writing seminars

Concussions of mortar fire close.

Pistol, fired

Pistol whipped, coal fired

Firesign Theater

Pistol whipped, coal fired, gossip

fire, kinds of fire

it probably wasn't because I was doing anything that was surefire gonna get me infected.

[5th Element: Fire Air Earth Water ... Supermodel]

"I'm on fire"

Fire on the day job below

basically a fire alarm went off

we called the fire dept and everything..

Nothing major, no fire, just an odd smell

fire escape, but I didn't leave

up to my friend's roof for the fireworks

And fireflies.

more fuel for the poetic fires.

got fired from all of them

fire up some scratchy old '78s

now they've thrown the chairs into the fireplace.

He does shoot green fireballs

He throws green fireballs.

I was replacing had been fired when they found out he was calling 900 numbers

of course, they'll get fired...

rippling in the light from the firepits!

the shield of a glorious firewall

That's a Firesign Theater line

Have never watched Firesign

Twin Peaks Fire Walk with Me

which featured firetrucks

Normally I particularly enjoy fireworks

watched the fireworks on tv

But fireworks are kinda boring

specifically the firewall

Fire drill soon.

it is I'm on Fire.

the fire is run out on this baby.

Boss' pants on Fire

that ol firewall here

some sort of firewall problem

to snatch a streaming firehose

higher and deeper on the bonfire

I caught fire

apparently a grease fire

part of our firewall

Still having firewall problems here

our firewall is quirky here

transient firewall things

spread like wildfire

let's fire up D.J. Noose

Fireplaces are a bit overrated.

I have no fireplace

Fire Unto the Deep

a track fire in the tunnel

rats afire of the rats

avouch from afire

Pale Fire

fire up the web browser of my choice

There are fire hydrants.

giant fields of fire

port versus firewall

It's the one with the fire escape

blocked by the fire escape

tramping up the freakin fire escape

connecting "Fireplace" to the Shakers

rapid-fire brush-salesman argot

And all the time a bonfire burned

Macromedia Fireworks

To be away from American fireworks?

And when the fire goes

The forest fires fought

afraid it'll cause a fire

Tonight there are fireworks in Ithaca

Chris Piuma