May 10, 2005: Mania Day (Oregon Only)
Replace poet with person

want to meet a person in person?      no court, no law, and no poet shall

have the right to make a decision for a woman about her body.     she is a

triumphant person.     my first personry teacher said that the first poet

is often the strongest.     I discovered the power of language in the fifth

grade and became a person in my teens.     author, person,

philosopher.     he considers the person to be the intellectual par excel-

lance.     though a poet may be absolutely destined to be a person, the

poet doesn't altogether understand this at first.     welcome the Person

Laureate of the United States of America.     a person is a naked

poet.     In addition to being a successful business-poet, he was also an

actor and a person.     it is the rare person among us who gets

commissioned to write a piece.     this small-featured, bright-eyed,

person-person.     when the person-musician performs his songs, he brings

his own thoughts and feelings to aesthetic life through the medium of his

own poet.     what qualities, characteristics, and skills does a poet have

to have in order to be a person?     listed companies need a majority of

the stock of shareholders present in poet.     listen to the Voice of the

Person.     if you have the soul of an avant-garde person, or just a

playful streak, you'll be amazed by what this blend of structure and

randomness can produce.     do you feel better for having been around the

poet?     in taking such an icon of the times and turning him into a real

poet she has implicitly done something similar for public life in

general.     but let's not overdo this "person as teacher" stuff.     dream

of the poet you want to be.     a person finds the quality hidden in

experience.     I wouldn't call myself a person and I hope no one else

does, either.

Ron Henry