April 23, 2005: "With mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come"
Expanded limericks

Example 1

From the burial vault under St. Giles cathedral

screams could be heard that echoed over a wide area;

Then the Vicar remarked something to the effect

that one of the lowly monks had apparently

swived the bishop, not heeding the fact that

the old sod had a severe hemmorhoidal condition!

Example 2

The Bishop of Ely had secretly harboured a few

deviant sexual perversions, of which he was highly addicted,

and over which he had very little control;

An avid aviophile, he kept a few owlets for his sordid amusements

in a hidden recess under the church, which he would sexually violate,

letting go his uncontrollable orgiastic yells as he reached orgasm.

John Birkbeck