April 16, 2005: Ask me about my glitter bone
Open sea patter, operatic
I can opt to opine cantankerously, leading answers from anchor to open sea patter, operatic and swerving in rankling sneers, but this happenstance matter lacks copycat prattle, and relapsing calamity hazards unchaperoned ease. Seabirds perch, dazzling clams in grasp. Addled typically by scale, ramified dancers sit preening. Inklings of gravity incorporate repetitive means. Part rancor, more sewerage, I can opt to opine. Night of the equinox. Gruesome remarks seem veritable proxies, verging near pristine. Differ flexibly. Lack of pity dulls. Prankster's small claims adjourn. Derby seized, reproaching duress. Eat metallic grafts in dapper tapioca. Remit snags in paradise. Tub. Serious, cavernous, antic appearance. Peace in portrait can marvel. Sanctuary dealing sorcery can thank so I can opt iconically to opine.
Chris Piuma