April 5, 2005: Ayn Rand Invents First Blow Dryer, 1934
Ballade de Bethany
part five

Thus is the beginning of Bethany's Say Book:

"I have no idea."

"Who knows if they had some place."

"I don't get this home thing."

"Is it some kind of subculture?"

"It's an affordable way of life."

"It's private here."

"We have a private lake."

"You have to realize."

"A storm in years here."

"It looks as if a bomb here."

"So many demolished."

"Some telephone poles snap in two."

"I feel sorry for others who lost."

"I am out of here, to someplace in."

"We sat in the bathroom, and prayed."

"That home of rock and roll."

"I just want to see there."

"I have property."

"It does not cover damage."

"This is a place we really ought to go."

Joseph Bradshaw