March 12, 2005: Daffodil Days Begin
from "2.728 degrees absolute"
Can anyone explain why earth turns? It's so simple a child could do it. Upholster it with the most supple leather you can find.

Don't send it to the dump! Sell it! Look at this rocking chair. (Xmas is fast approaching.) I need to your help, it is frightful, I must do practicial more. I barely had time to trash the last house and we get a new one!

How can I miss you if you won't go away?

You liberals beware—your time is coming. I repeat, your time is coming. I'm here, but it's annoying to read it. The darning young man on the flying trapeze. We have hay for sale in round bale form. We have Prairie, Eastern Gama Grass, and Fescue. We have several tons of each.

The rest remains in the strangely lost art of interpretation. The aim of Stalking is to create a completely controlled artificial environment composed of thoroughly predictable human behavior. From the One there is bilateral emergence.

My question: Any anecdotes about Dr. Mantel? Never-ending, remote, turning on the most arcane points of faith and tradition. Its spidery appearance is responsible for its popular name. Hey—you can't beat that with a stick.

Some raccoons sit in lap and pet them while I feed them, try that with some dogs. The baby has disturbingly large lips and does nothing but suck. Is there a file somewhere that I can just transfer to a floppy? Sew buttons. I currently cut my links with a pair of tile snips, and while the closure on my butted rings is pretty good, I want to have a better cut to butt for aesthetic reasons.

Some folks don't like duck, but I do. My car has started to make a loud valve clattering sound for the first second or so after starting the engine. She's a teen diva, a kind of legal Lolita. Pity me.

Ron Henry