March 8, 2005: Babe Hits His First Home Run, 1914
Ballade de Bethany
part one

barfed in the sky. Her man farts and bakes her a steak. She ate the mush, but barfed the banana. Bethany

that water that flowed on Mars in the past. That water flowed on Mars in a past. She crammed the Bethany who smooshes it in to the rovers that have found evidence for billions of years ago, and that Bethany puked the piñata when she was just little, and she saw a gay guy eat a burrito

when she was true. She slurped a cheese taco at the house where Bethany never had no name and no home and no mom in the pop to offer clues that Mars has had Bethany's large bodies of water in the geologically recent past beyond. Her bro said, "Beth, don't slinky there where we has jammy in my butter the size of the North Sea and at least 150 feet deep."

"But we's stuffed in the cub," she replies. She asks for the Bethany belted for the god, for peanuts for the monk.

Joseph Bradshaw