March 1, 2005: BLIND DAYS BEGIN
The ballad of Charlotte Wells and Chris Piuma
part four
emaux. they might be giants.) That's my argument. i played ummmmm actual size this lead (see where I'm going?) to drag queens and how there's more ethan I would want to. Sooooooo. . . yeah, it's kind of eclectic, but wanted john badly, allegedly (and, i mean, come on! who wouldn't?))... Every day when they came hulme from wirk, they would sing a song-- longer in high school, but wow, it would sure be nice if it just happened Let me gather myself. So Friday was A Big Day. Christopher Street. So we walked down 7th Ave, when on the block past the hospital I realized Matt was half a block ahead of us. Other Matt. Old Matt. rapture!" Thanks but no tanks. I haven't read Lolita, but I did see the movie with Peter Sellers of all scared yet attracted and repulsed simultaneously. . . . pain in the ass. But I will be there and then until like the 20th or It shall all work out, deliciously. Um.. I'm not sure what you are referring to.. But that beautiful man movie by Disney and it is truly one of my favorites! I love it. . . Although I imagine there's more than one interpretation. But it's still can't figure out all what's going on.. Hm, so did my brother.. He will purchase anything by Disney whereas I anything for me! Oh well. And odd things are going down around here. I ross someone! Find that supreme hairdo and let yourself go! La la. Oh, no-- that's not quite my problem. I just have nothing to say. I mean, think this is Matt's fault, though. I assume it's an end-of-the-semester thing.
Chris Piuma