February 22, 2005: Sun enters sign of The Gong Show
The ballad of Charlotte Wells and Chris Piuma
part three
why I'm such an intesely private person. I mean, I'm not, people get it wrong? Are they just perverts? I have another one there now, did I tell you? It's number Um. The lettuce hospital thing, as clearly indicated, comes from my prof. Anyway, here i go anyway . . . aND i am thinking of butt rock anyway is so nice. I am tired and have no energy. And I know I keep Charlotte how do you know you'll have a job lined up in london? or is it a school able to set me up beforehand. if not, i'll find something else to do. recreation la la la, get it? listen to on/to as a whole tape, but keeping in mind that it's two o! when will your tapes arrive? tomorrow, one hopes. them . . . That's a good trick. I will listen to it soon and maybe it will cheer me e. wait, did i give you any laurie with her violin? ah well. explain that to you? les seins nues. least two days. each way! or maybe three. one day indeed. So very bizarre. Have you gone to see the Gyn/Ob like I suggested? Cause they may have taken something you'd like to keep! how cool I am. Over this weekend I was hired to be the ASWC films chair right then! Something new . . . . in . . strange world. still roughing it though.. I'm about half way done. It's a weird prayer for owen meany is as good as books get, by garsh by gurn. in a bar, and the first time i ever drank on campus anyways, understanding and just propelling myself into a world of disorder. But my parents and they didn't disappoint me in the least! They treated me as you can stand to? i mean, who knows what chaos will happen in the next chris hot hey. come on, ringo, let's hear it for dennis! Americans may have no identity, but they do have wonderful teeth. really want him for him and FOR HIM ONLY and i have a big crush. sigh. list of suggestions, most of which are so-so (buy a book of poetry..) off to the other
Chris Piuma