February 15, 2005: H as in Ladder H as in Ash
The ballad of Charlotte Wells and Chris Piuma
part two
overlapping them (via a computer program) in such a way er.. um.. well, i think i better go.. we have begun reading combray (the very first part of a la recherche etc. maybe austen isn't quite so high. i don't know. Longtemps, je me suis couche' de bonne heure. longtemps, je me suis couche' de bonne heure. stupid time zone observations courtesy of.. chris has told me never to read mann under penalty of death..) and not yet re: anguish about you und paul.. it's a warlock i've met, n'est-ce pas? should cook like this some time during the joke (just kidding). It also person. You know what I mean? There is that little piece of someone in NY, who is also a big monty python fan. up on that offer, and just randomly show up at his door. . . someday. messages. I'll see them eventually. . . about the boy, that's for certain. . . I am quite boring right now. . . Charlotte Hallo dere, and i never did get to see that movie (exotica) and it's in everyone's Renaissance this semester which is my next class and Hebrew Bible with leave anything out. more books should be given more time. or social roles, though some movement towards individuality. possibly. this is good enough for me. Individual in a truly individual way. . . The tribades yerked the jerk till analgetic, ever hear r.e.m.'s lion sleeps tonight? Well, I once slept with someone whose middle name was allegedly else) that i could give silly answers to and thus have something more to looked at hamlet and three lives (stein) and just wasn't up to it language, and you hate translations, but may I recommend the Richard should be forthcoming.. chris hadn't told him before. But interestingly enough.. . . i have lost my response. This is paul we are talking about and of course I shall get I regret his knowing, not the sharing, but the fact that he can carry See, this is
Chris Piuma