January 22, 2005: Sun enters the sign of Invisible, 10:37am

2.  This is what I wanted you to see.

3.  Known, say, by your parents.

11. Lifted up by the corner in a rainstorm.

12. "Copy me in on your memorandum tomorrow."

13. Unlucky in glove.

17. Capitalized upon, after the act.

18. Sea change wrestled with by old characters, anon.

19. Quote get out of my house unquote.

22. Pull my finger, as quipped by the uncle living in Bumfuck; var.

25. Chili spies.

26. Wiggle-worm dropped significantly.

29. County seat of grape-juice mogul's bosom-land.

32. Some things that need to be done... yesterday!

33. The hunt is on; don't drop your ______.

37. Prime factor in comprehending chaos.

40. What do you mean by doing that in front of me?

42. Cake and noodle ingredients, sometimes.

43. Kale.

46. Called to Mookie Wilson several times an inning, for example.

47. Done ________ doubt.

50. Fasten the wiring harness to the wall with staples and leave.

51. Cat call.

52. An earnest young chap never met.

56. God; abbr.

59. Removed in a game like checkers as part of play.

61. Gives some kids the willies, other not.

63. Ruandan tourist caught in gunplay.

66. Significant figure?

68. Coxswain tries to realign her priorities, falls overboard.

75. A note given to the cellist in some poorly-received string quartet perfomances.

77. At last, a rosary of bread in milk soup.

78. Music of the spheres.

Ron Henry