January 15, 2005: World Haven in a Heartless World Day
Epistemology as divorce
Trends and anti-trends in contemporary studies
[1] Annotation is the first step. One reads only the footnotes, not to get a better understanding of an article, but to assess the intelligence and breadth of study of the writer.

[2] While some think it looks respectable, it is a well-known fact, as cited in Sudmann's brilliant article: F=ma and othersources, 1996, that it must look "disheveled, like it has just awakened..." (14) This is what distinguishes it. He does not, however, allow for the drop-out fringe, who will also be disheveled. A study of greater depth must be made about variant distribution.

[3] How dare they!

[4] This may seem silly to the outside observer, but it's true! I have seen an entire month's allowance blown on cheese and wine! It is a preparation for future days among the bourgeoisie.

[5] I will not go into great detail on this point here, as I have already explored it in a previous paper. So I refer you to Prufrock-Wells, Knowledge and Its Consequences: The Fall of Adam and Eve as Enacted in the Classroom, 1994.

[6] One must say "queer"; any other term is just plain offensive and excludes some underrepresented minority within the queer community.

[7] Some (c.f. Billingsly, Wittgenstein and Sappho, 1993) might respond, "Why study them at all?"

[8] Betten, David. How to Be a Godfearing Aztec. Walla Walla: Hollibert Printing, 1995, 36-41.

[9] Ibid, 75.

[10] This information is in reaction to a disturbing message received recently. Chucko*, a student, has commented recently in his later college career that: "I officially got my first school assignment to read Foucault today. It's from History of Sexuality. Whoo-hoo. I feel like a vrai college student now." This is a perfect example: both in the use of a foreign tongue during discourse (for it is discourse, not conversation) as well as the dropping of Foucault's name and a title of a book. The implication that Chucko has already read Foucault is a beautiful touch.

*The name has been changed to protect the student from exposure.

[11] There is no sense in belaboring this (or really any other) point any further.

Charlotte Wells