January 12, 2005: I owe my soles to the company store
from a letter to John Paston
May 19, 1448
When Wymondham said that James should die I said to him that I supposed that he should repent him if he slew him or did to him any bodily harm; and he said nay, he should never repent him nor have a farthing worth of harm though he killed you and him both. And I said yes, an he slew the least child that longeth to your kitchen, and if he did, he were like, I suppose, to die for him. It is told me that he shall come to London in haste. I pray you beware how ye walken if he be there, for he is upon you manly, but I believe he will start upon you or on some of your men like a thief. I pray you heartily that ye let not James come home again in none wise till ye come home, for mine heart's east; for by my troth I would not that he were hurt, nor none man that longeth to you, in your absence for £20. And in good faith he is sore hated both of Wymondham and some of his men and of other that Wymondham telleth to his tale as him list, for there as Wymondham telleth his tale he maketh them believen that James is guilty and he nothing guilty. I pray you heartily hear mass and other service that ye arn bound to hear with a devout heart, and I hope verily that ye shall speed right well in all your matters by the grace of God. Trust verily in God and leve him and serve him, and he will not deceive you, of all other matters I shall send you word in haste.
Margaret Paston