October 25, 2005

Cooking through the vegetables

Getting ready for a week away from home (train down to LA for an Oulipo conference) and cooking up all the vegetables I ambitiously bought. Otherwise, you know, they will go bad.

The spinach was wilted and fried with a little garlic (and then asafœtida, of course). The eggplant was sliced and broiled, which didn't work out so well, as broiling never seems to work out so well for me. And the cauliflower was fried up a bit and then braised in tomato sauce with a little garlic. That was pretty nice!

The next few days will be on a train and will consist mostly of carbohydrates, I suspect, so this will have to satisfy my body for a bit.

See you in November.

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October 23, 2005

Tahini as an ice cream topping

David recommended it, and although I originally had some suspicion about it, he was right, so very right.

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This is the first time in several months where I didn't wake up to comment spam. So instead, the few minutes a day I'm willing to devote to this blog will be put towards making an entry. Yay!

Lately I've been putting asafœtida in anything I can think of. More specifically, I have decided it's great on popcorn, and also fantastic as part of a simple "I'm hungry so I'm not going to spend much time on this" tomato pasta sauce. (Diced tomatoes, olive oil, salt, pepper, and all the asafœtida you desire.)

I wonder if it would go well in bread. Some sort of thin bread, like naan, perhaps.

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October 22, 2005

But I love you, actual comments from actual people

All right, per Jaq's suggestion, I have switched comments over to HaloScan. That means all the old comments are gone, but such is life. They're not "really" gone, I have secret access to them from my control pod, so I can ruminate over the good old days. Please, give the new comments system a test run! I have!

I do wish it had TypeKey verification, that shit is fun. "xxyrshr"!

Actual posts about food to come soon.

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I hate you, spam.

It's not that I haven't been cooking: I have, lots of Indian food mostly. But I am so annoyed by the constant spam that I have grown angry at Movable Type. If anyone has a suggestion that doesn't involve upgrading to 3.x then let me know (artisan at flim dot com) -- the blacklist is still letting through several a day, no matter how broad I try to make the list. And it is tedious, considering how little traffic I get.

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October 05, 2005

Creamy potato soup

I added some peppers, and I was shocked, shocked, when it caused the purée to become a bit pinkish.

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For Rosh Hoshanna I made this Ashkenazic honey cake. Except I ran out of honey and had to use corn syrup for half. The cake turned out just OK, and surprisingly enough not as sweet as I thought it would be, considering all the honey and brown sugar and corn syrup in it. Perhaps my new year will not be that sweet after all. Well, I don't have that much of a sweet tooth, so the cake at least is probably better for it.

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Red bell peppers with roasted chickpea flour

The peppers, sauteed for about 8 minutes, ended up at just the right softness, maintaining some bite while loosing their peppery aggressiveness. The roasted chickpea flour attempted to give them some sort of coating, tried to cling on to the peppers for dear life, but something seemed a bit off with the coagulation. It all ended up wetter than it probably should have been. The recipe called for 3 peppers and it was made with only two, which might have been the issue. Anyway an interesting food, but I'm not sure I'm going to make it again.

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Sweet saffron rice with currants and pistachios

This proved very sweet. The main sweetener was jaggery, which is this Indian sugar that is not unlike maple sugar. And it came out wet and sweet, like a rice pudding. Very tasty, mind you, just very very sweet.

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