December 06, 2004

What I made for friendsgiving

We had some people over for a "friendsgiving" party on Saturday. This is what I made:

Rye bread, which came out very nice.
Baguettes, but I forgot the salt and they had no flavor. They looked very nice, however.
Brussels sprouts, curried with currants, which were delicious.
Cauliflower with browned butter, sage, and walnuts, which were also nice.
Pumpkin-ginger-molasses tart, which was about the same as last time.
Curried yoghurt dip, which people found very strong.
Pizza, margareta, the usual.

Jake made his beet salad with cardamom in it, and it was better than last time; other people brought other foods, and they were all very yummy.

Posted by chris at December 6, 2004 04:36 PM