September 16, 2004

White sandwich bread

So I wanted to try out the Bread Bible, and I went with what I thought would be an easy recipe: White sandwich bread. Bread that is supposed to be the bread that Wonder Bread wants to be.

Well. It required attention every two hours for the better part of the day. It felt like I was sitting an infant that needed its diaper changed very, very frequently.

The end result was a very nice bread, sure, but I haven't made this sort of milk-and-butter-infused sandwich bread before with a simpler recipe, so I can't compare and say whether the starter and the zillion little steps were worth it. It wasn't, to my taste, all that much better than the fairly easy to make whole wheat bread I've been making... but it is a different beast.

Also: I was reminded that mixing dough with butter in it is annoying. It takes forever for it all to finally cohere and stop being a sticky mess. I mean, this is the sort of thing that would be easier if I had a mixer, i guess, but, eh.

Also: When I first went to write this entry, my blog up and disappeared. It's actually a few days later than the entry says, and I've just restored all the entries. If this happens again I will be very, very frustrated indeed...

Posted by chris at September 16, 2004 09:00 AM