September 08, 2004

Books are coming

Billis got me Baking Illustrated, and I guess it's in the mail. I didn't realize it existed. Turns out it's by the Cooks Illustrated people. So during my lunch today I wandered to Powells and read some of their copy. It looks like it'll be fantastic: Lots of stories on all the variations they tried on each of the recipes, and how each turned out, and why. A lot of science, I guess. This is what I want out of a cookbook right now.

Best tip: If you want to cut butter up for biscuits, freeze it and then grate it with a block grater! I can't wait to try that one. Maybe I'll go make some biscuits.

Also bought The Bread Bible, which someone was selling for $10. It looked good at Powell's, and my mother is a big fan of the same author's The Cake Bible.

Also today, I bought some random kitchen stuff, most notably a rolling pin (finally!) and a steel scraper. I'm hoping that they become as beloved as my whisk and Joanie's pyrex mixing bowls have become to me. The rolling pin is one of those huge 20" tapered French deals -- it doesn't fit in any of our drawers!

Anyway, it gave me an idea for restarting the blog.

Posted by chris at September 8, 2004 02:11 AM